Snow Removal

Natural Surroundings Snow Plow
Our Minneapolis snow removal specialists service commercial properties throughout the Twin Cities area. Pre-season site inspection/marking- Lots are inspected for existing drainage problem areas to avoid ponding and icing problems. Curb lines and drain basins are marked to maintain maximum parking area and drainage when all that snow starts to melt.

Snow Plowing

Our fleet of Minneapolis snow removal equipment includes everything to handle even the worst storms.

  • Heavy duty plow trucks
  • Skid loaders
  • Front end loaders
  • Dozers
  • Tractor mounted snow blowers

The Right Equipment For Any Project

No matter how big or small the storm we have the right equipment to remove the snow in the most efficient, cost effective manner. Sidewalk shoveling and salting is also provided for you and your customers safety.

Parking Lot De-Icing


We have a variety of equipment capable of putting down any type of de-icing material. We have small trucks capable of servicing parking ramps and tight parking lots, dump trucks capable of servicing large properties, and skid loader mounted sanders for tight areas and sidewalks. We have salt, salt sand and liquid de-icers available to handle any snowfall or ice storm. Sand barrels can also be provided for any problem areas throughout a property.

Snow Hauling


In the event that we are running out of space, we can haul snow out of parking lots, off ramp decks or from along curb lines whenever needed. Often times we can save money by hauling to another location on the customers property.

Post Season Inspections


Once winter is over we will inspect all properties for any damages that our equipment may have caused. All covered damages will be repaired at our cost.

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